Monday, 18 February 2019

Hayne's Motor Museum, Somerset

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Today  we went to the motor museum. My favourite  car was  the Dusenberg, it is very big and shiny and it was metallic blue. Grandma's, Noah's ,Pops' and Daddy's favourite cars are Aston Marten ,a yellow lotus and Jaguars. We also went to the café  and we had lunch. The car museum was fun and very interesting. There were lots of cars there which were really cool because they were all different colours and different makes.

There is a games room where you can play some arcade race car games. You can see what it feels like to go 100miles an hour, but watch out you might fall over the cliff. I came 2nd place in the game and it was only £1 a go.

There was a collection of about 50 red cars altogether, which was very interesting because you could see all the different colours of red. 

You can even sit on one of the motorbikes and look through some of the car windows. But we wish there was a car that you can actually get inside or look under the bonnet. I learnt that one of the fastest cars could go up to 650mph, which would be amazing, we didn't see it at the museum though .

There was a café which had a big range of food and I ate egg and cress sandwiches. In the gift shop, Grandma bought me an emu beanie boo to add to my collection. Noah got a wood craft construction kit of a F40 GT and he's finished making it already.

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