Sunday, 24 February 2019


How I love arriving for the first time in a new holiday venue. It's probably why we so often go for touring type holidays, where you arrive in a new location every couple of days. This week, we're staying in the same place all week, enjoying the ease of hiring a self catering cottage in deepest darkest Somerset.
I love the suspense of finding the right location and following the ominous directions provided by the lettings company. The excitement of managing the key lock combination and turning the key to open your temporary front door. The adventure of exploring and choosing rooms and peering into hidden cupboards and secret cubbyholes. The satisfaction of meticulously unpacking into unfamiliar wardrobes and lining up your personal possessions on shelves in a room which will become home for the next 7 days. The curiosity of browsing the guest information, discovering facts about the area and planning days out and adventures to be had. And finally the relief of pouring the first holiday drink, curling up on the oversized armchair in front of the log burner, surrounded by antiques and local art work and anticipating a week of relaxation, exploration and nature stretching out in front of you.

Tonight we arrived in the dark and I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and see the house, the garden and the village in daylight. It will be like arriving all over again. Although I can laugh now, following instructions that say 'follow the stream and keep the chapel on your left. Turn right when you see the sign for Wick Cottage. Head down the gravel track with the ducks on your right', was not particularly helpful in the pitch black, especially with the kids in the back of the car asking incessantly 'Where is the cottage?' And let's not mention the half of a mile I had to reverse down the tiny country lane, because I came across a lorry, without being able to see a thing. Did I mention I was sole driver this time round and that I hate driving in the dark?! Phew, We're here now and the barn conversion is gorgeous, peaceful and beautifully decorated. I'd highly recommend a visit.... here's the link...…

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