Saturday, 3 November 2018

Pender Cottage

The cottage can be seen to the right of the shop
 Pender Cottage
As much as we love campervanning and being outdoors, I have to admit, we're all a little lame when it comes to being cold and wet. So every October half term, we hire a cottage somewhere rural or coastal and spend the week snuggling, relaxing, exploring, walking, eating and drinking.

It has been a few years since we last came to Cornwall. We  had got to the point 3 years ago when we had spent so much time South West that we needed a change. Last year we went to the Peak District and stayed in Jane Austen country, right on the Chatsworth Estate. It was beautiful and fresh, natural and inspiring seeing stags wandering around, but we all agreed there was a severe lack of sea air and sand. Coming back to the 'West Country' this week has been like coming home. Our cottage, which we rented through Classic Cottages,  could not be closer to Mousehole harbour.

I'll be honest, I'm not a morning person (despite my attempts with the
 Miracle Morning book), so being desperate to wake up and enjoy the sunrise and morning view, I slept with the shutters open. I wasn't disappointed. Snuggling with my morning coffee, hiding from the noise, chaos and expectations of conversation became a daily pleasure whilst enjoying the harbour view from my bed. 

Pender cottage has just the right combination of cosiness, beach vibes and clean fresh luxury. The little touches of nautical art, individual pieces of furniture and thoughtful blankets and chairs positioned for seaside gazing are the icing on the cake. We especially appreciated the personal touches of games, books, scones and fresh flowers. 

Mousehole is a tiny little fishing village and the roads are incredibly narrow. I found it terrifying driving into the village in the campervan, especially when I met the regular Penzance bus coming the other way and there was nowhere to pull over. Parking is on the quayside, as the cottage has no parking of it's own, which is equally as tight and you just have to hope you don't reverse over the harbour! It was however, re-assuring being able to see our vehicles from the cottage window and the personified campervan still got it's own holiday view, despite not being used to it's full purpose this week.

In moments of need for peace and quiet, from Mousehole you can walk along the coast in either direction, towards Newlyn or Lamorna and I can guarantee that the sky will treat you with awesome colours if you happen to be out at dusk or dawn.

The Ship Inn is 10 yards away and having visited for food twice and drinks at least 5 times, I can personally recommend it. Just make sure you get there early enough for a table during busy weeks.

We've considered implementing squatters rights and we've tried browsing the local estate agents for properties within our budget. But alas, it's no good, we'll just have to come back next year.
So long Mousehole. So long Pender Cottage. So long Cornwall...…


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